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                     SUNDAY 10:30 & 17:30

Sunday Morning 10:30-12:00:- 

Worship, Fellowship and Ministry from The Bible. ALL ages welcome.        

Kid's Church:- for children in attendance.                                              

Monthly:- 'Family service':- fun and games with a meaning.


Sunday Afternoon 17:30-19:00:-

Fellowship, Worship, Ministry from The Bible, Children's activities during preaching and occasional course material (Youth Alpha for example) when advertised.



Wednesday 19:30


All ages:- Varied weekly meeting..typically including, Worship, Prayer,

 Bible Teaching, Testimonies, Christian Feature Films and Children's ministry.


KIDS ACADEMY:- Our regular WCCkids meet for 'The Academy'; a

school of gifting development, where kids from 7-15 meet to expand

their abilities and talents, to enhance their lives, help others and

develop their ministries.




Friday 18:30 onwards


'SUPERHEROES' ...a Kids' club that provides a safe, energetic and

meaningful Christian environment for Children aged 5-14.


L8:Lounge for ages 11-17


PRAYER MEETING:- for any age, bringing specific requests before The Lord

and praying for the church generally.


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