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At The Wessex Christian Centre
we want to make ministry media accessible and affordable for everyone. All our services are recorded onto DVD & CD. They are priced at a little over cost and are produced to the highest standards and come in a variety of album packages or can be purchased individually.


We have many

Bible series to offer by Pastor Brian Downward, including The book of Psalms, 
1st & 2nd Kings, Revelation, Romans, John, Luke, Hosea, Habakkuk, Acts, Joshua, Song of Songs and various series containing more than one book, such as 'Christ in all the scriptures'.

Jdownward722Pastor Julian Downward is making his way through the book of Exodus, John's Gospel and several one off messages.. Each message is available individually as well as being packaged as a series. Added to this, a seven part study on 'Praise & Worship' taken from Exodus Ch:15 is available as a box set. 
What does it cost? We try very hard to make all our media affordable to everyone...and so the cost varies from 3.00 -25.00 depending on what you need. For example, buy a single CD, it costs you 3.00, buy a CD series with 12 discs, it costs 18.00 because the packaging costs are reduced per item.

If you would like more information regarding other specific series or particular pricing, then please do send us an email... we promise, there's no 'hard sell' here!
If you would like to get hold of any of our other ministry series, they are available on DVD or CD, simply email a request for more information to:-info@wccbournemouth.co.uk

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